I am a professional clinical psychologist based in New Delhi, India. I also work in a neuro-rehabilitation setting.

I am currently employed at PSRI Hospital, New Delhi.

This blog is quite close to my heart. I have been working in this field since 2011. Given my experience, I have seen a lot of stigma attached to mental health. With stigma, comes a lack of awareness due to which a lot of individuals consequently suffer in silence.

This blog aims to connect to your heart, bring forth common issues that you might be able to relate to. And mainly, spread awareness.

My job entails assessment, diagnosis and subsequent treatment for mood disorders, childhood related disorders, psycho-social adjustment issues. Additionally, I also help investigate cognitive, behavioral and emotional deficits resulting from a brain injury, stroke, dementia or a pattern of cognitive strengths and weakness in someone with a learning disorder or a disorder on the Autism Spectrum.


I’m also there for individuals who just want to talk about general life stresses, daily anxiety and help figure out what they want in life.